Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad (FPNC) Aruba is the official Food Bank in Aruba. FPNC’s mission is to avoid and fight poverty, emotional distress and social exclusion and promotes participation, poverty care and the general welfare on Aruba. The food-bank has supported approximately 150-200 Aruban families per month (approximately 2000 families per year) with financial challenges since 2009 with food baskets or the so called ‘alleviation food baskets’. This wouldn’t have been possible without the financial support of individuals, patrons and organizations.

Our fight is one against poverty. No one should suffer alone in silence. Since the start of Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad, we have provided food baskets to over 2000 families per year living below the poverty line. FPNC has been able to do this thanks to the financial support from different pa-trons/organizations/individuals. At the same time we realize that a food basket is not enough to help our target group reach sustainable solutions. After seven years of aiding those less fortunate – with articles of basic needs, food baskets & clothes – FPNC entered a new phase in 2016- ‘Alimentando Prosperidad’. Alimenting Prosperity is a realization of the second part of our mission- that not only includes alleviation of hunger, but also focuses on the reintegration and participation of our clients into society in order to achieve sustainable solutions for each and every one of them. FPNC is very much aware that our support will be much more effective when our clients are able to reach a sustainable solution. Besides introducing new services for our clients,we introduced the concept of Social Enterprise in Aruba in order to increase income to sustain our services and to reach our own financial independence in 2018 with the Commercial Social Market know as the COSOMA shops. 

Important facts

  • FPNC depends on donations as it doesn’t receive structural subsidy from the government.
  • All products of our food baskets are bought every month to guarantee quality of the products of the monthly food baskets.
  • A food basket for a family of 4 costs around AWG 450 (florins.)
  • All products received as donation is being used for the ‘alleviation-baskets’.
  • ‘Aid-baskets’ are for families that are not on the monthly list but need urgent help. The Aid-baskets don’t have a fixed constellation and serve the family for a short period until it enrolls in the official assistance process.