COSOMA is the social enterprise that is divided into a social market and a thriftique. The items that are available in the for purchasing are grocery items and clothing items. The grocery items consist of the basic products such as: pasta, rice, beans, milk etc. The clothing items are second hand clothes for men, women and children. These items are not only shirts, blouses pants, shorts and jeans but there is also shoes, belts and ties available for purchasing at a reduced price.
Every customer who buys an item in the social enterprise is contributing directly to our food-bank. The generated profits of the social enterprise goes directly to the grocery investments of our food-bank.

It is also the idea that the social enterprise is being manage by two full-time employees with the voluntary manpower support of volunteers or clients, that are part of the social guidance program of the Foundation. This social guidance program is coordinated and supervised by the Social workers.

Not only the clients, volunteers and Aruban citizens who lives in the neighborhood can purchase an item in the social enterprise. The social enterprise is open for the entire Aruban community. Every purchased item helps the food-bank to keep supporting the registered Aruban families who are in need (or who has financial challenges) with a food basket every month.